Foster-Adoption Resources

Below you will find some resources that we have found helpful throughout the foster adoption process.

Books: On Adoption, Foster-Adoption, and (Attachment) Parenting

Books: Memoirs on the topics of Adoption and Foster-Adoption


Adoptive Families. This is a both an online and print publication. There is a good deal of free content, but most of the content requires a subscription, which is definitely worth the price. The webinars are a wealth of knowledge, and there is just so much helpful content for any area adoption whether it is open adoption, foster parenting, and foster adoption, the process of adoption itself, resources on bonding, and perspectives on transracial adoption. This is probably the resource I return to the most. Highly recommended.

AdoptUSKids. This is an extremely helpful place that provides resources for foster, adoptive, and foster-adoptive parents, and is especially rich in articles for a place to start learning about the different avenues.  Their article entitled “About Adoption from Foster Care” is a wonderful place to start getting some questions answered. (Note: always make sure to check on your State and County laws as they will always vary.)

Confessions of an Adoptive Parent. Adoptive Parents of 8 | Bloggers | Speakers | Helping weary foster and adoptive parents regain hope and finally stop feeling alone. Also found on Facebook and Twitter (Mike | Kristin).

Empowered to Connect. Videos and Study Guide parenting tools for adoptive and foster parents.

Blogs and Podcasts

Note: This list has been adapted and added to from another list that was made by a family who has adopted children.