Foster-Adoption Resources

I wanted to signal a couple of things. The first is that I’ve updated the Foster-Adoption Resources page quite extensively. It is in part based upon another list posted from an online friend of mine as well as heavily supplanted by my own research and reading.

Secondly, my wife recently told me about a podcast entitled Foster Parenting Podcast. In particular, this episode called “All the Dirt on Foster Care and Why You Should Still Do it.” It’s a really outstanding digest of a list of responses to a bunch of the things typically said to them—things that are said with a good intention but often end up being hurtful or at least spoken in an ignorance that isn’t helpful. The episode is very encouraging and comes highly recommended.

Unfortunately, the two hosts have decided to take a hiatus and have deleted a majority of the episodes of their podcast, but for an understandable reason. Thankfully, they’ve at least left up a good handful of their favorite episodes that have a more generalized approach (and also don’t contain some of the information that they would prefer to keep private now that their children are getting older). You can still find their remaining episodes on iTunes and they have an active Facebook page that is well worth checking out.