Lest readers of this space presume I know what I am talking about, rest assured that I am incredibly naïve about this prospect of foster-adoption. But isn’t that the nature of the thing, especially for a person (and a couple) who has never gone down this path before? And even then, if they have, isn’t every situation and child wonderfully unique so that in every circumstance, we all don’t know what we’re doing to some extent?

The other day I realized that this naïveté is rather glaring. I know a few things about a small amount of things: Thomas Aquinas, the “analogy of being”, and some discussions about the relationship between faith and reason within the Catholic tradition. About raising a child I know pitifully little.

This is nothing new for first time parents since the beginning of time, so this entry written in February of 2017 makes no claim to originality. Since we began this process of foster-adoption just over a year ago, I have read—and we have listened to—a handful of books on the topic of adoption, foster-adoption, attachment parenting, and memoirs of people who have undertaken similar journeys. Yet I’ve only occasionally acted as the nerdy uncle to three wonderful nieces and a nephew.

This space, therefore, is not about dispensing knowledge, let alone anything approaching expertise. Honestly, there will mostly be ignorance on display on this blog: not proud ignorance, but hopefully no pretensions to normativity in parental advice. That is, this will not be place of “you know what you should do…?” or “what I think is correct is…” and other similar unsolicited advice in the form of “you-shoulds”. My hopes are that this space will be more of a place of (naïve) reflection and updates on our experience. Perhaps at some point there will be some wisdom here and there, but the point of this process is not really about us, though is it?

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